So this year I was compelled to buy some new socks.

I bought these socks with the holes in them about 18 years ago at Lands End.

With that same sock purchase I bought these boots, which I still use every winter and prob will for another 20 years because they are indestructible.

The socks have splatters of blue paint on them which happened while helping to decorate the Annie Set in 2013. Initially I bought three pairs of wool socks and the boots, but two pairs of the socks died an inglorious death over the past year and crumbled.

You can see me wearing these socks and boots at the Don’t Inject Me rally I organized in 2009.

Those are my feet in the photo behind Len Horowitz.

I wore those socks everywhere.

I now plan to wear the four pairs of socks I bought this year for the next 20 years.

I spent a chunk of cash buying good quality wool socks on Amazon and will use them to keep my feet toasty and warm.

I was laying out some warm clothes to wear to Bens Soccer Game today and decided to blog about my outfit.

Sweater: purchased for $3.00 at the Lafayette Goodwill. Kohls must have donated it because it was brand new and still had the tags on.

The aforementioned socks and boots, plus sweats, T Shirt, and Plaid jacket from Walmart complete my “keep the soccer mom warm” ensemble.

This is the first time I am bundling up to be outdoors this season. 

So glad to have some warm clothing to wear!

Thanks Walmart, Goodwill, Lands End and Amazon!

Jenny Hatch

Paul took a few glamour shots of me at the soccer game…

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