Comment at the Hollywood Reporter on Camille Paglias recent interview

Whenever I make a comment that I think may not be published, I go ahead and put it on my blog. For many years I have been censored, banned, edited, and my comments have been sent down the memory hole. This is the main reason I started this blog in 2005.

I commented on this article:

But the comment has not been published, so here it is…

“Life for men will get much happier when women finally realize that they will be happiest at home raising their own children and cleaning their own homes.

I believe the backlash has started away from feminism with this new generation of young married people who are quietly owning their lives, living frugally, giving birth at home, home schooling, and in many instances growing their own food.

There is a group of mom bloggers quietly teaching this lifestyle on social media.

The popularity of frugal bloggers is an indication that young people are looking for solid answers as society continues to lurch towards the existential nothingness that feminism, big government, and the left have to offer to women.

I have read and heard more about Anti Feminism in the past year than ever before and it is one of the most exciting new trends on the horizon.

I enjoy some of Paglias views, she is always good to point out the awkward obvious elephant in the room, but on porn, pedos, and heffner I have to part ways with her ideologically.

Women will discover their greatest happiness in a loving monogamous home life where she is the queen of her own castle.

Once families free themsleves from the tyrannies around medical monopolies that have couples in a state of financial and emotional indentured servitude to drug companies a great joy in family life will settle on those who choose to walk this alternative path.

Jenny Hatch

More from Paglia and Peterson in this excellent interview…


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