Dr. Amy, the Skeptical OB, believes Childbirth, like War, is hell. (Except when it’s orgasmic) @JennyHatch Commentary

Every few months I pop over to Dr. Amy’s site to see what she is yapping about.

She wrote a hum dinger of a post on childbirth being like war…and as we all know, WAR IS HELL!!!

I would add to her statement, Childbirth is hell, except when it’s not, especially when it is orgasmic, sacred, quiet, peaceful, spiritual, and fun!

One of her commenters remarked that historically women who died during birth were buried in warriors graveyards and our foremothers would never have dreamed of giving birth alone.

In response to her comment I said this:

“Really interesting historical overview.
Thanks for sharing.
So for those of us who desire to give birth alone, for whatever reason, are we to be shunned, hated, belittled, and rejected simply because a woman would never be left alone historically?
Just curious.
Jenny Hatch”

My recent interview on the Freebirth Society Podcast:


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