Wired: Facebook Censorship of Right Wing @JennyHatch

I just read this huge story at Wired documenting Facebooks two years of controversy over Fake News.

I left a comment on the article and just in case the mods delete it, here it is again:

Just in case Wired sends my comment down the memory hole, here it is…

Oh good Lord.

I read that whole behemoth and come to find out it is simply another “the russians did it” exposition?

The article DID confirm everything I know about Rupert Murdoch and acknowledged my gut feeling that all those Conservatives and Libertarians who met with Mark were a bunch of patsies for his dog and pony show.

How about going to a really dark truthful place Wired and recognizing that the media is all in hock to big pharma and they run the show?

So when Facebook users like me start a Pizzagate research group or a bunch of parents with vaccine damages kids start a group to share stories, we honestly don’t give a rip what Ruperts children, investors, and shareholders think, we just want to BYPASS the MSM narrative and explore these issues in our own way and with our own experts.

Watch any news show, including Fox, and they are dominated by drug ads.

We all know who is funding the news and it ain’t the Russians.

Jenny Hatch


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