Toxic Psychiatry is Deadly @JennyHatch

UPDATE: February 18th

After a year of investigation Rosenstein breathlessly informs us a group of russian internet trolls have been indicted by the US for being TROLLS.

And the FBI was so distracted by the attempted coup against President Trump they couldn’t be bothered to investigate and detain a crazy guy planning to shoot up his school.

Here are my thoughts on the news this week:


Whenever the media and the left start yowling about gun control, I push back by blogging about psychotropic drugs and now, the many murders committed by illegals.

When the MSM bothers to have a reasonable conversation about these equally important topics, perhaps we can discover the truth about the majority of the school shooters.

They were literally primed to be killers…by toxic psychiatry. The best answer for schools short term is to arm as many adults in the schools as possible, like the Israelis do.

Jenny Hatch

One Response to “Toxic Psychiatry is Deadly @JennyHatch”
  1. Dear Jenny, I just came upon your blog via The Conservative Treehouse. Praise God and keep up the good work! You probably haven’t heard of Psychomoralitics ( or Dr. Dilsaver. He also has some great books on family and gender ( I especially like Celebrating God-Given Gender. He’s Catholic, as am I, but what he says should resonate with all dedicated to God & Family. I will be visiting often. God bless, Allyson.

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