“Playing nice” Clueless leftist claims it is time to stop being so kind to Trump supporters @JennyHatch

Oh really? Playing nice eh…

Let us review lefty shenanigans over the past few years…

1. Fake dossiers

2.Spying on opponents

3. Absolute collusion with our free press

4. Collusion with our FBI, DOJ, and IRS

5. Pepper spraying us

6. Pelting us with eggs, bike locks, piss grenades, and fireworks

7. Doxxing us

8. Censoring us

9. Quarantining us

10. Not allowing us to gather

11. Not allowing us public speeches

12. Banning us on social media

13. Taking down our videos and adjusting algorithms to obscure us

14. Shooting Senators at a baseball game

15. Breaking your neighbour’s ribs

16. Forming a gang and pelting trapped women with eggs

17. Murdering their own staffers

18. Voting with dead names

19. Bussing Dems to vote in swing states

20. Rigging primary elections

21. Illegal aliens voting

22. No voter IDs

I am really curious to observe what this no more Mr. Nice guy looks like.

Jenny Hatch


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