Justin Trudeau takes his Captain Snowflake act to India – Funniest Memes @JennyHatch

Given Justin Trudeau’s embarrassments in India this week, can we look forward to Mr Modi dressing up as a Mountie when he visits Canada?

At a time when democracy is short of solid centrists, some see Mr Trudeau descending into a parody of himself.

Justin Trudeau takes his Captain Snowflake act to India.

Now Canadians know how America felt whenever Obama went on his apology tours and embarrassed us in front of our allies.

The whole idea of using identity politics and cultural appropriation to create trade deals with India is something only the son of radical Marxists could come up with.

I look forward to seeing the economic evidence that Mr. Trudeaus trip actually helped in any way as Nafta is rolled back and a country rich in natural resources continues its decline into socialistic nihilism.

Jenny Hatch



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