A few new freebirthing articles in the MSM @JennyHatch



On the other hand, other women were keen to point out that their decision to freebirth stemmed not from a negative perception of maternity care, but from a positive perception of the natural, physiological and instinctual processes of giving birth in which they placed their trust, making the need for maternity care redundant.


I know that unassisted birth is not for everybody, but it was the right decision for me.

Choosing to give birth this way was less to do with my previous births and more about the path I’ve walked as a parent.

Freebirthing was an incredibly empowering experience which allowed us to keep this special event within our family.

It’s about being informed and knowing that midwives and doctors are invited into your birth space, not the other way around.’

Link to this story in the UK!

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