Movie Review Black Panther by my friend Susan

Robert and I watched the Black Panther. My thoughts:

*Amazing cast!! Such terrific, gorgeous actors!

*most every movie ever made has had, few if any, black primary actors, this film was the reverse. (Reminds me of when I was in Mexico as a teen at a concert performed by an American band that played Beatles songs. I was in awe of the fact that I was in a building filled with people and instead of being one of a few or the only brown skinned person, I was in the majority! It was a trip. )

*what does this movie do for our society???

*does it positively Increase Black pride? Or does it increase Black disdain for Whites?

*it should help African Americans feel more powerful by seeing themselves in powerful roles, certainly, because seeing people like you on screen does that. Representation is sooo important!!!!

*does this movie cause harm? Will it increase racial tension? Will it help?

*does this movie further pit whites and blacks against each other?

*there are agendas in this world. Powers for good and evil at work. There is such increasing violence depicted in movies. I think the evil in this world wants us to hate and kill each other and so movies and video games prepare us for that.

*watching the movie promos before the show started brought this thought to mind: Americans, humans the world over maybe, just want to be entertained. Evil wants us to be so hooked to entertainment that we don’t serve others and don’t nurture our children.

*robots are being created to “make life easier” for us. It’s a guise. They will make labourers obsolete and create more suffering. And we accept it because we want a life of ease and entertainment. Which is what drove slavery-. to make life easier for those who could afford it.

*there is ALOT to think about from this movie. From most movies. Are movies being created to inspire us to do better, to be better people???

*There are some things I don’t like about the movie (such as the extreme violence that seems inevitable these days). There are things that I am mulling over. One of the things I certainly liked was that the to-be Queen held the position of serving the needy. The story line of wanting peace over revenge is commendable.

*can such violence (as depicted in today’s movies) increase worldly peace/consciousness if some part of the movie does have positive messages?

*entertainment is not just “entertainment”. We have to guard our minds. Entertainment is created to shape our thinking. What are today’s movies trying to get us to believe?

*artificial intelligence is programmed and so are we. What we feed our minds results in what we accept, who we become. We have to think critically and not just accept what Hollywood is feeding us.

What do you think about the movie???

More thoughts on Black Panther:

*how does this movie benefit African Americans and society at-large? How does it support that Black Lives Matter?

*Having a nearly all black cast for an action film is groundbreaking, but it doesn’t alone perpetuate that BLM. What does the storyline actually do for this cause?

*in this movie a thug-like, gangsta, African American, (all that’s missing is his pants sagging to his knees) who is pissed about his treatment by society, and his people, has an agenda to take what he considers rightfully his-to take back what was stolen from him, both from the museum and the throne. He orchestrates a heist and disrespectfully walks in to dethrone the king. In other words he is basically an angry thief driven by revenge.

*the African American character is mortally wounded and chooses to die rather than be a prisoner. Indeed, African Americans are too often prisoners in the US. How does black- on-black killing as depicted in this movie, help Black Lives Matter? How does this storyline help the cause? Is it saying that the young, angry African American male, depicted by the character Killmonger, must figuratively die and be transformed into a more noble character, who is driven by wanting peace, who stands for outreach to the poor, serving others and education in the “hood”? That this is the way for African Americans to be “saved”? Which is what the King of Wakanda wants to do. . I’m just wondering what is the point that is being made?? If that’s the point, do African Americans accept this point? Are they OK with that ideal? This is what the movie seems to be saying to me. In order for African Americans to survive they must die, as both African American characters in the movie die – hopefully that is just figuratively so!! How does this help Black Lives Matter?

*what is the deal with the girlfriend character of Killmonger? After their museum heist they quickly climb in the get away vehicle and are apparently “turned on” by the thieving because they immediately start making out – which is the only sexually, sensually charged scene in the movie. (yes there is the kiss at the end of the movie between the King and his future Bride, but that scene is more loving and romantic, rather than depicting primal sexuality.) so these American blacks get turned on by crime? Power trips? Is that the point????

*the girlfriend barely had any lines, and when she does speak, she pleads forgiveness from Killmonger before her so-called love allows her to die without showing any remorse at all. This is the opposite of Okoye and W’Kabi’s relationship and fight scene. The relationship between the outspoken, formidable female Okoye and W’Kabi, is not based on lust- in fact they don’t show any physical affection throughout the film even though they use terms of endearment. They show a degree of remorse and respect even though they are at odds, and the African male gives up his weapon to her in the end and neither of them die. So is the point that African American blacks must become more noble, more loyal to their country and more respectful to each other, instead of seeking revenge at all cost, and allowing innocent deaths? Is that the point being made here?

*And what is the point being made when the prince’s sister flips him off? What does this represent? Women’s lib? The noble African female flips off the noble African male, while the expendible, and practically voiceless African American female dies. There is some kind of statement being made that’s for sure. If you think things like that aren’t strategically put in movies, think again. Everything has meaning. Why did she flip him off? Why did they think this vulgar gesture needed to be in this movie?

Im not certain of all the answers, I’m just asking questions and trying to figure out what is really the point of the storyline of this film? What statements are they making???? Because if the message is to become more noble and peaceful, how is that reconciled by all the destruction depicted in this film and the other Marvel movies?

Susan shared these thoughts on a Facebook post after seeing the movie and I asked her if I could share!

Jenny Hatch

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