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In June of 2009 Heather AKA Dooce decided to write a blog post dumping on those of us who choose to give birth alone in our bedrooms after mostly doing our own prenatal care.

She was about to give birth and had been posting quite a bit about Anti-Depressant use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I chose to leave a comment on her site and then wrote a blog post at the Bitter Pill where I am a guest blogger:

A few weeks ago Heather again shared an innovation in psychiatry that she claims has helped with her depression.

She is writing a book about participating in a study this past year with her psychiatrist titled The Valedictorian of Being Dead.

I was so alarmed by the little bit that she shared that I sent her this email…

In the subject heading I titled the email: (She likes caps, so I capped it)


And my email:

Good Grief Woman. You are smarter than this.

I have read you for so many years and wept for your struggles with emotional illness. I too have struggled and found healing.

You CANNOT become an electroshock advocate.

My heart hurts just thinking about this.

There is healing to be found, but if you continue to scramble your frontal lobes, your powerful amazing voice will eventually be lost as you drown into the nothingness that results from turning your brains into jello.

Article: CCHR: New Call for Ban on Electroshock Treatment, Citing Violence Against Women, Children and Elderly

Please, please, please, do not let psychiatry rob you of your humanity!

With much concern and deep love,

Jenny Hatch

About two hours later she responded:

I didn’t get electroshock therapy. I was not ever hooked up to electricity. No frontal lobes were scrambled.

I found my healing and am very grateful for it.

And then I typed up this immediate response:


What was this if not Electroconvulsive therapy? You have already been so instrumental in getting many women to take toxic drugs. Now this?

I am so sickened thinking of the many people who will choose to do this because of your example. Please Heather, do not do this any more.

There is healing to be had using the tools of the orthomolecular docs. Vitamin therapies, quiet living, whole foods, hydration, essential oils, all of it gave me my life mostly back. I swear, if I see you writing non sensical insanity down the road because you have allowed them to deprive you of your brain power, I will be so angry that you were seduced into this new thing.

It is why I hate psychiatry. They know their crap just makes people worse. But they always have some new drug at some new dose waiting in the wings, and now this new type of brain zap that is “NOT ECT”, just a seizure and a shut down of your mind by the local “expert”. I was so upset after I read your post I ranted to my husband for five minutes the other night before bed.

The thing is, I am damaged, I am not totally well, I still get depressed, I still struggle. Emotional illness is a bitch. But I have my precious mind and my pain belongs to ME. Whether you shut down your feelings with a chemical lobotomy or an ECT zap or this new thing you are raving about, or the “new” lobotomies they are doing which they just rebranded as a cingulotomy it all has the same effect….it robs you of your humanity and kills your frontal lobe.


“I participated in this clinical trial in March of last year and have kept it and the idea for the book and the book deal a secret until now. Close friends knew about the procedure, but some of them had no idea just how badly my depression had destroyed me. I never talked about it, didn’t write about it, tried to will myself out of it. And the harder I tried to fight it alone, the further it choked and suffocated me. This episode of depression was like imposter syndrome had metastasized into every organ of my body, and by the beginning of 2017 I had given up on the idea that I would ever feel better again.”

I am glad you are getting symptom relief, not questioning that at all, but healing?

The psychiatric profession knows NOTHING about healing. They just treat and treat and practice and prosper and treat and at the end of the day you turn into a stepford wife and have lost all of your brain power. Please, I pray you can divorce yourself from that world and find relief without all of their drugs and surgery.

The relief is out there. Healing is out there. You can do it. The mind freedom movement is loaded with survivors of psychiatric abuse who have experienced deep healing.But the therapy world is riddled with the bodies and minds of those who lost everything because they used the drugs and surgery without truly understanding the long term side effects.

Read Peter Breggin. His books were my lifeline for many years.

Jenny Hatch

She responded angrily claiming I just wanted to sell her vitamins and oils and claimed the therapy she did was not electroshock.

Then a few days later she wrote this blog post mocking me for trying to warn her:


This post may contain a capital letter or two given what a relatively shitty week it has been, so if you even think about counting out characters or sending me an email telling me that I should have treated my most recent depressive episode with herbs and fucking essential oils I might just have to come over there and stitch a cactus to your asshole with a rusty needle I found on the sidewalk outside of Big Lots.


OK fine Heather.

I was just trying to help.

As I said in my post nine years ago I am concerned about you and your children, but I am MORE concerned with the INFLUENCE you use in attempting to educate others about the glories of Psychiatry.

And because I suffer with emotional illness and have parents and siblings who would love to medicate me into frontal lobe nothingness, your role as influencer does affect me because you willingly promote the BIG LIE.

Listen to my podcast above to hear more about Psychiatry’s Big Lie.

Jenny Hatch


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