Marxism smackdown by Jordan Peterson @JennyHatch

I have been reading Jordan Petersons book these past few days…

He has a three minute video that is the best smackdown of Marxism I have ever seen.

Here is the text of his speech:

The fact that the post-modernists dare to be Marxists is also something that I find I would say not so much intellectually reprehensible as morally repugnant. And one of the things that the post-modern neo-Marxists continually claim is that they have nothing but compassion for the downtrodden.

And I would say that anybody with more than a cursory knowledge of 20th century history who dares to claim simultaneously that they have compassion for the downtrodden and that they’re Marxists, are revealing either their ignorance of history that is so astounding that it’s actually a form of miracle, or a kind of malevolence that’s so reprehensible that it’s almost unspeakable, because we already ran the equity experiment over the course of the 20th century, and we already know what the Marxist doctrines have done for oppressed people all over the world. And the answer to that mostly was imprison them, enslave them, work them to death, or execute them.

And as far as I can tell that’s not precisely commensurate with any message of compassion. And so I don’t that think the post-modern neo-Marxists have a leg to stand on ethically, or intellectually, or emotionally. And I think that they should be gone after as hard as possible from an intellectual perspective – an informed intellectual perspective. And this is fundamentally a war of ideas.

And that’s the level of analysis that it should be fought upon. And not only is it a war of ideas, I think it’s one that can be won, because I think that especially the French intellectual post-modernists are a pack of – what would you call them? Well we could start with charlatans – that’s a good one. Pseudo-intellectual would be good. Resentful would be another.

And then I would also consider them highly – they’re highly deceptive in their intellectual strategies because almost all of them are Marxist student intellectuals and they knew by the time the gulag archipelago came out, and even before that, that the nightmares of the Soviet Union and Maoist China were of such magnitude that they had completely invalidated any claim to ethical justification that the fundamental Marxist doctrines had ever managed to manifest. And so, it’s a no go zone as far as I’m concerned.

Intellectually, the game’s over. We’ve already figured out that there are finite constraints on interpretation. And we also understand why those exist, and how they evolved, and from the perspective of political argumentation, there’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever in the 21st century to put forth Marxist doctrines as if they are the balm that is administered by the compassionate to the downtrodden.


Tried that.

Didn’t work.

We’ve got a hundred million corpses to prove it. And that’s plenty for me. And if it’s not enough for you, then you should do some serious thinking – either about your historical knowledge, or about your moral character.

I shared this quote with the readers of 71 toes, a popular mormon mom blog written by Shawni Pothier.

I also said:

Thanks for sharing, I put the books on my Kindle wish list.

I am curious why you don’t spend more time talking about politics on your blog?

You have an amazing college degree, worked for a senator, understand the ins and outs of totalitarian systems and are an articulate thinker.

Why is your family overall so quiet about this important topic?

Marxism has resulted in worldwide suffering wherever it has been established and we have the same forces here in America working non stop to deprive all of us of our Liberty.

As well intentioned as refugee work is, the effort to expose and shine the light of day on the political systems that cause people to want and need to flee their homes in the past and currently today seem to me to be as important as clothing and feeding the refugees.

You have this platform, why don’t you use it to condemn and educate your readers about the toxic political ideologies and teachings of Marx and the worldwide impact on innocents?

Maybe if a few more people would speak up about this topic we could help PREVENT those families from having to flee in the first place.

Jenny Hatch

Then I shared the text from Jordans video.

Jolene said:

She has stated before that this blog is primarily for her own family record keeping/journal. The day she gets political is the day I stop reading. I can research political issues on my own, I don’t need to be preached at. It’s her blog, she can post whatever she likes.

And Anna said:

I obviously can’t speak for Shawni’s political views, but I think it’s highly unlikely that she shares the ones you’ve expressed here.

I replied to them:

I don’t expect anyone to accept or mimic my political views.

I am just curious why people are so willing to be the “cleanup crew” for the horror show that results when totalitarianism rears it’s ugly head in a country, but are so loathe to speak up and speak out when a country, like Venezuela, begins its hopeless trek down the communist path.

I don’t expect other bloggers to care about current events and politics enough to write about it.

But I am curious about the current muzzle that appears to keep most female bloggers silent on these important topics.


KMS said: Myanmar’s leaders are probably not going to moved by an Arizona’s mom’s blog.

And I replied:


But those moms who live in that country might be heartened to hear that a mom blogger cares enough to write about her wicked government.

As Dr. Peterson points out in his excellent video, we have a whole centuries worth of “evidence” for the evil that results when Marxists rule.

I am simply befuddled by the willingness of American Women to stand quietly by until the people have to flee their homes.

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