#SaidNoMother I am the Vaccine Damaged person at our house! @JennyHatch #SaidNoFather #CDCWhistleblower

I am the vaccine damaged person at our house. Plagued with asthma, excema, DEADLY anaphylactic allergies, and mental illness, I wanted something better for my five children.


Instead I breastfed all of them for years, we eat a whole foods diet, limit environmental toxins, use non-drug therapies for healing, and are constantly hydrating and nourishing with vitamins and minerals.

We don’t take drugs. No Tylenol or antibiotics etc…

And guess what?

No autism.

I ache for the families who are suffering with the side effects of their children being poisoned with deadly vaccines.

There is also a link to autism and electronic fetal monitoring, pitocin used for inductions of labor, and extreme “let them cry it out” parenting practices.

Because of the various deficiencies in my own body, my children were at risk for severe autism. Epigenetics indicates that those of us who get the allergies, excema, and asthma from vaccines tend to have children with autism at a much higher rate.

Please research before getting the shots! The websites created by parents (vactruth.com and vaxtruth.com) have the best information.

Also any book written by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Jenny Hatch


I put together this blog post yesterday sharing the BEST whistleblower documentaries on the internet:


Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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