NYT Hart Family, Before Driving Off Cliff, Hid Dark Home Life From View @JennyHatch

My comment on the NYT article was just published.

It is cut and pasted below…

Jenny Hatch

Colorado 4h ago

I believe pride played the biggest role in these womens choices.

They were so sure that the children would be better off dead, than allowed to live and tell the truth about the neglect and abuse that they were judge, jury, and executioner in snuffing out all potential for good.

A bit of humility may have enabled them to admit they were over their heads in raising so many children.

And in that humble place they might have looked for solutions that did not involve murder and destruction of evidence.

Pride made it impossible for them to see that the children would have done better in another family or even attending public school.

And a lack of humble self awareness prevented them from asking for help.

Jenny Hatch


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