The Music Industry is wreaking havoc on our artists. @JennyHatch

I read these three articles tonight.

They provide a powerful backstory to what Kanye West is breaking free from.

I have a message for John Legend:

I thought that interview with John Legend was incredibly insightful and it helped me understand better how Kanyes friends feel about the whole situation.

Where they went wrong was in thinking that Trump supporters will abandon him if he “walks off the MAGA plantation”.

Note to John, there is no conservative plantation.

We have a huge tent in our marketplace of ideas and as evidenced by the anti Trump hard right Rockefeller repubs and their visceral hate for President Trump all the way to Bernie Bros raging against the Clintons who stole the primary, those who support MAGA policies are connected by our DEVOTION to the Rule of Law and Economic Sanity.

I believe John Legend is smart enough that he will eventually shake the propaganda about who POTUS is and what he is doing for minority communities.

Until then?

God Bless Kanye West!

Jenny Hatch

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