The Book of Mormon Musical @JennyHatch

Today, for the first time, I finally listened to this soundtrack.

I had heard a couple of songs over the years, but this was the first time I really tuned in and listened to the lyrics.

I was jointly amused, literally belly laughing out loud, and horrified by what I heard.

I agree with the church, which put an add for the real Book of Mormon in every playbill on Broadway.

Experience the real book rather than a musical distortion of our faith.

My two sons have both served missions in Central America.

And I had a Liberean Activist on my radio show with Len and Sherri a few years ago.

I regret that the musical portrayed Africans as such gullible people. I found Putu to be incredibly intelligent. And very much aware of the Ebola issue.

And Dr. Leonard Horowitz is the worlds leading expert on man made infectious diseases like Aids and Ebola.

As he outlined in this show, the African people are very aware of the source of the infections.

I will probably never go see The Book of Mormon Musical, nor do I plan to listen to the album again.

It was an interesting hour of my day today though.

Jenny Hatch

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