Politically Correct Boy Scouts of America @JennyHatch

I have always hated the boy scouts organization.

Even though I am married to an Eagle Scout and two of our sons have achieved Eagle Rank and it looks like our third will also achieve it, I despise scouting.


Because I grew up with three older brothers who were always doing the coolest activities.

I spent my youth babysitting my four younger siblings starting at age eight and tended children almost right up to the moment of my marriage at age 20. During my 20’s and 30’s it was like I had the words “Cheap Daycare” painted on my forehead based on how many women asked me to tend their children.

As a child I was tasked over and over with childcare while those three brothers of mine camped and hiked and traveled.

It felt so unequal.

The amount of time, money, resources, and effort that went into a solid church scout troupe was wonderful for the boys and men involved, but for us girls?

We had three days of girls camp at the nastiest urine soaked campground in southern michigan, but the boys were constantly heading out to have adventures.

My whole childhood was spent observing this inequality.

I am grateful the church I belong to is stepping away from such an outpouring of resources for the males.

I hope and pray this will free up more time and resources for Music! I pray they replace Scouting with a focus on The Arts for our teens!

If we were to teach our young people how to sing, dance, and act, the naturally refining effect of artistic expression could be the key to bringing a greater spirit of love and joy into our hearts and homes.

I am not exactly crying a river of tears over Scouting going all leftist and believe as sad as it is to see another American Institution torn down by progressivism, I believe replacing the hours and money mormons spend on scout activities with Music would be a wonderful exchange that would benefit both our young women and our young men.

Jenny Hatch


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