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We taped this interview last summer and today Emilee forwarded this email to me. It made me so happy, I had to share!

Jenny Hatch

Wanted to pass this on, a message I received today about your episode:

Hi Emilee,

I just listened to the epidose with Jenny Hatch, “A mother whose done it all”. It was deeply touching. I was tearing up at several different parts.

Especially when she would talk about her husband singing to her in labor, and having her religious experiences.

The strength of this women to persevere, and know and follow her truth, is just awe inspiring.

And I liked how she pointed out that it has not just been the last 60 years, as birth as moved into hospitals, that birth has been taken from women. It has been almost two centuries of the patriarchy exerting their control over women, and the birthing process. It has gotton so completely out of control that now, we are finally starting to wake up to this reality.

And although its not happening nearly fast enough, it made me feel hopeful to realize that it IS happening.

I also loved how she always refered to her children by name when talking about their birth or her pregnancy with them, instead of saying “my second pregnancy”, or “my third birth”.

It really made clear the love and respect she has for her children.

I love your podcasts and have listened to about half of them so far, but this one really stood out to me for some reason, and I just wanted to let you know that.

Thank you for all great work you are doing!




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