Home Crafted Soap @JennyHatch

I am crafting hand soap all this weekend! The roses from my Mothers Day bouquet are dried and I will be making a variety of rose scented soaps.

Jenny Hatch


Later that night…

I just pulled the soaps out of the molds and yikes, this batch is ugly.

I guess I will keep it to gift to people I despise.

Just kidding.

I am all about function and despite being a dark and butt ugly bar of soap, it does smell nice and will clean some hiney.

Here are the photos…

I was envisioning the soap looking like the background of my blogger wall:

All shabby sheik roses and cream…



The rose petals really darkened things up.

Well, this is my first time using the pigments.

I will play around with the colors a bit and let ya’ll know how it goes.


Ack! Guess which one is mine?


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