Nolte at Breitbart: How Donald Trump killed off the 1960s

The irony is NOT lost on me… Such a crowd of freaking hypocrites.

Jenny Hatch


The other day, Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame was on CNN fuming over the fact that there will now be an investigation of the Obama administration, the Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI, after it was discovered they are all guilty of spying on the political rival of a sitting president.

Carl freakin’ Bernstein does not want the watchmen watched. Carl freakin’ Bernstein is swallowing every treat being fed to him by the CIA — the CIA! — and the FBI. Carl freakin’ Bernstein does not want an investigation, does not want to learn anything more than what he is being told (by the CIA!), and does not want the public to know anything more.


Do not misunderstand me, I am not blaming Trump. After all, in this equation, it is Trump who is the radical, the civil rights crusader, the young Carl Bernstein taking on The Man, pushing for transparency from the CIA and FBI, demanding truth and accountability from the establishment.

But it is Trump’s mere presence, his very being that has twisted his political enemies into something unrecognizable. This pageant of hippies lining up single file to serve as stooges for the FBI and CIA, that is something I never thought I would see.

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