Team of vets uncovered child trafficking camps in Tucson, AZ @JennyHatch

The links to these graphics are below. This story is developing, I will add more information as it becomes available.

Jenny Hatch

8chan Qresearch:

Those not in the know, may not of heard what is going down today. VOP and the team of vets uncovered child trafficking camps in Tucson, AZ. They are documenting it now and recording. Police aren’t investigating. Here is the breakdown with a few articles, pics and links below. (Edited for updates)

– Child Trafficking Camps found in Tucson, AZ

– [4] this week connected to JonBenet Ramsey case in AZ.

– Land is owned by CEMEX

– CEMEX is a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative and donor to CF

– CEMEX was given $7 million by government contracts to build houses in Haiti*

– CEMEX is also owned by Bronfman-Rothschilds

– SOROS holds over $41 million in CEMEX stock

– CEMEX is under U.S. DOJ Investigation (March 14th / Reuters Article)

– Emiliano Salinas is son of former President of Mexico

– Salinas is also an Ex member of NXIVM

– Salinas worked for Lazard Investments

– Lazard Investments handled the restructuring of CEMEX

– Jonathan Rothschild is the MAYOR of TUCSON

– NO NAME & Flake are Senators of AZ

– #concrete / “concrete” connections?

– UPDATE: (via facebook link) Live Video of Patriot:

* – Recently Added




[4] Connected to JBR:

Mayor of Tucson, AZ:

Police Map & Indicators:

CEMEX Along the Border:


VOP Updates:



** MSM Coverage:

“Cabal working overtime to cover tracks. Planes crashing and deaths deaths deaths; Ramsey connections going 6 feet under. Etc. WAY TOO LATE” – ETS

and of course… we can’t forget her-

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