Victor Davis Hanson interviewed at The Federalist @JennyHatch

Ben Weingarten: Given that assault on the president, legally and extralegally and beyond, as well as all of the challenges we face in the world, if you were advising the president and he would listen to one policy that you could propose, what would you advocate as the single most important agenda item?

Victor Davis Hanson:

Yeah, I would say to him, “You’re in a circle.” Or I would take a Western metaphor … “Circle the wagons. And you have attackers from Mueller, you have foreign threats, you have the media, and you have the Democratic Party, you have the progressive movement, you have Hollywood, you have foundations, you can’t multiply those opponents yourself.”

Tweeting has been very effective, creating a deterrence for him, but you’re gonna have to say, “When you tweet something that doesn’t create deterrence for you, or it’s gratuitous, or it’s mean-spirited, you’re adding to the people outside the wagons. Or when you have a revolving door, or when you insult your own attorney general, or you’re not careful in some of your selections, you’re giving ammunition to these people.”

I think that, while being bombastic and outrageous and unpredictable has been very effective in foreign policy, and even domestically, at some point, to sustain that with that many enemies — not all of them have been earned enemies — they were really offensive enemies. They just decided to attack Trump, not reply to Trump.

So I think he’s gotta be very much more disciplined because he doesn’t have all that much time. These administrations are short. He’s 71 years old. He may not be the paragon of health. And to get up every morning and look on that horizon and see all these enemies, it doesn’t make sense to create more problems for yourself.

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Jenny Hatch

Everything begins to come into focus once you accept the facts. Obama was not a Christian or a Muslim. He is a Luciferean. He worships Satan. And the Satanic sacrament is the sacrifice of children. It really is that simple. All of it, the abortions, child trafficking, babies sold for organs, sex, and sacrifice.

It all comes down to the fact that the elites are financed, nourished, and enabled by the tremendous money, power, and extortion provided by the stealing, death, and dismembering of children. People of good will cannot handle this emotionally and so they go into cognitive dissonance and call those of us speaking the truth crazy. Eventually the truth will come out fully: @jennyhatch68

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