President Obamas Education Secretary has written a tell all book. And, it is pretty much what you would expect… @JennyHatch

In Duncan’s telling, he has spent a career facing off against those who didn’t share his commitment to the kids, battling the “vested interests that are resistant to change and absolutely beholden to the status quo.” While he mostly depicts this opposition in shadowy terms, he does name a few of those willing to put politics or selfish agendas before the kids: the Tea Party, the National Rifle Association (NRA), and, rather extraordinarily, U.S. senator Lamar Alexander. (Duncan also dings the teachers unions, but takes care to paint them as misguided rather than malicious.)

Of the Tea Party, which Duncan blames for orchestrating much of the pushback to Obama’s education agenda, he writes, “The Tea Party was willing to exploit and misdirect people’s real, genuine pain to satisfy its appetite for power.”

The whole review of this book is excellent! Give it a read.

It is nice to know that the seemingly big nothingburger of a movement that I was so involved in helped to derail the messy common core. The Tea Party has been maligned in every possible way, but if we get to take some credit for helping to dump Common Core and begin to restore American Education and put it back in the hands of parents and local school boards I will happily own it.

I predict certain school districts will still be recovering from Fed Ed twenty to thirty years from now.

Parents, the best thing you can do for your children is teach them real math and reading at home before you let the educrats mess with their little minds. I wrote my book Uncommon Lore to inspire you to homeschool, especially while your children are in elementary school!

The book is linked below!

Jenny Hatch

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