When #Pizzagate turns into #Doughnutgate @JennyHatch

Michael Whalen was encouraged to come forward by the whistle-blowing efforts of Isaac Kappy, Sarah Ashcraft, and Fiona Barnett. He was never dissociated from his memories, and his accounts of child abuse, pedophilia, and being a victim of hunting parties is chilling.

Michael describes being taken to a large estate as a child, where he was physically assaulted and placed in a cage — along with others kids (in other cages). He describes how kids were let out and had to run for their lives — screaming. Then it was his turn, he ran and hid under leaves. Michael says he survived three hunts, and states that the objectives of the ‘game’ was clear: ‘Run for life, and if you are caught you will be killed.

Michael describes a party at the owners of Voodoo Doughnuts.  He had reported it to the police, not knowing that the doughnut place was being investigated for child trafficking. As Fiona Barnett says “Welcome to #DoughnutGate, folks.”

He has REPORTED everything to the police, but people, and the authorities are trying to destroy his life — making him penniless, and homeless. And the police are providing no support or protection.

Nathan Stolpman from Lift The Veil seems to be the interviewer of choice for some of these disclosures. A few hours ago Nathan uploaded his interview with Michael (the interview actually starts around 15:30):

Jenny Hatch


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