Steve Bannon is back in the news! A new Errol Morris Documentary, New Yorker Cowardice, and the Sarah Ferguson Interview @JennyHatch

“There was this little uprising of Americans called The Tea Party that was maligned, dismissed, and shut down by the Obama Administration.

Steve Bannon endorsed and supported us loudly and early in our efforts to stand up to the Marxist Leviathan.

As TEN TRLLION American Taxpayer dollars were blown to “stimulate” a 1.6% economy and the Fed artificially supported the scam by keeping interest rates at ZERO, millions of citizens were enraged that our future was being mortgaged in the name of worldwide “equality” and “social justice”.

Honest historians will record that Bannon saved our Republic. And I will always adore him for his clarity, passion, street smarts, and work ethic.

He will stand comfortably beside all of those who ever believed in and fought for the America Experiment.

Jenny Hatch

“Walk towards the fire, don’t worry about what they call you. All of those things are said because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it.”

“My goal is to try to weaponize the American people, try to weaponize the conservative movement, try to weaponize the underground conservative Hollywood movement, to weaponize as many people in the center-right country to try to rectify a generation-plus long problem that has been absolute media bias, absolute media used by the Democratic Party as a tool to defeat conservatives.”

Andrew Breitbart

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