Constitution Day, Red Carpet, Oh, and POTUS Declassified the FISA Documents!!! @JennyHatch #Q

What a day yesterday turned out to be!

I spent the morning Ubering around Boulder and Longmont after driving the carpool for my sons early morning seminary class.

When I arrived home I blogged the new where we go 1 we go all song that just popped up on You Tube. I also featured the song in my movie of the day!

Then I spent the afternoon preparing for the first rehearsal for A Christmas Carol.

I put together a blog post about Constitution Day.

A couple hours before I was supposed to leave for rehearsal, my daughter Shelly came ripping into my room to tell me President Trump was going to DECLASSIFY the documents used to get the FISA court spying on the Trump campaign.

By the time I started scrolling through Twitter the story was trending on TWO hashtags.

So I grabbed a few dozen memes and threw this video together:

I went to my read through and when I arrived home at 9:30, I checked again and Q was tying the declass to the red carpet event, The Emmy Awards as predicted last April!

I again grabbed a few dozen memes and put together this video:

Then I collapsed into bed after a very long day.

When I woke up just now I could feel that the energy in the country has shifted and the onslaught of hate and pushback from the left has been subdued.

It is such an exciting time!

God Bless America and Let FREEDOM REIGN!

Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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