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Josh Groban starred in a Broadway Show last year called Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1830.

The creator of this most amazing opera was Dave Malloy. He pulled a 70 page love story out of Tolstoys War and Peace and crafted this musical that has not yet received its due from audiences, mostly because they have never heard of it.

My assistant director for the Neil Simon Players was invited to sing in a backup choir for Josh Grobans Stages concert. Jordan sent me the link to the song on You Tube the summer of 2016. I bought that whole Stages album the week it came out and the song Jordan sang backup for was this song used in todays movie titled Dust and Ashes.

The first time I watched that video and heard the song I felt waves of musical ecstasy. As soon as Comet opened on Broadway and released the cast album, I purchased it and have slowly been memorizing the songs.

Musical Theatre is my professional world, so I follow all of the new shows closely.

I felt totally betrayed when Comet was nominated for 12 Tonys and only won for scenic design and lighting.

But I predict within a decade or two it will be about as popular as Les Miserables.

The protagonist in the show Pierre is a drunken russian elite whose wife has him completely cucked as she sleeps around with the men of Moscow.

Natasha is a young heroine whose fiancé has gone to fight in the war with Napoleon and at home alone, she is seduced and discarded by an evil man.

Natasha and Pierre awaken as they fall in love and attempt to create something lovely out of the ashes of their intimate lives.

This story is a beautiful tale of romance, repentance, and redemption told as only Tolstoy, who despised the elites of Russian culture and poked and exposed them with every book, could tell.

Dave Malloy has the mini version of the story along with his directors notes available on Kindle.

I love reading the back stories tied to musicals, especially how the writer took a book and made it into a show. So it was a delight to read this book. My son and his wife also bought me the whole Libretto in book form with accompanying CD as a coffee table book because I love the story so much.

So, when choosing a song to yell WAKE UP to the good hearted but hopelessly misinformed and naive left in America, Dust and Ashes was the ONLY song I could use along with memes and a few clips from The Matrix.

I hope this movie touches your heart, gives you a giggle or two and opens your mind to a few harsh realities.

Jenny Hatch


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