Silent Night Cover @JennyHatch

My daughters and I are performing in Sacrament Meeting this week. Shelly is accompanying on the piano and Allison and I are singing A Window to his Love as a duet.

Here is our final run through at home during a rehearsal!

I tried several times to get the correct angle on my camera while recording. Thinking it was perfect, I recorded Silent Night and when I realized the camera cut off the top of my head, I decided to just add the audio to a slide show of Jesus Christ artwork.


I am playing Mrs. Fezziwig in our local playhouses production of A Christmas Carol and also singing Christmas Carols at various points around the show.

I was thrilled when the director tasked me with a solo of Silent Night during Tiny Tims death scene. I spent the whole afternoon rehearsing it today and decided to capture a cover on my phone.

Here is a nice interview with the directors. And another review from Scott Rochat who plays Mr. Cratchit.

This past week we celebrated the 16th birthday of our youngest son Benjamin.

His Unassisted Freebirth at home into his Daddies hands has proved to be an epoch in my life.

And all week I have been feeling the glow of so many wonderful triumphant memories from his homebirth.

You can hear the story of why I decided to give birth at home HERE on the Freebirth Podcast!

Jenny Hatch

Most artwork is by Greg Olsen.

The accompaniment track was by Sally DeFord.

While I was in labor with Ben my husband Paul sang to me during a difficult transition from first to second stage. Music has always been our main connection to our child. Here is Ben’s Birth Story.

Click on the image to learn more about my Longmont Colorado Vocal Studio…

Here are a few photos from dress rehearsal… (I blinged out my dress with lace, brooch, and pearls after this run through).

A few more videos from years past…

I am about to get busy with three shows over the next few weeks. I am directing our ward talent show, acting in an original play called Trapped that will begin production at Jesters in December (I am playing Madeline, a sex trafficking madame who runs a brothel) and I have been hired to Music Direct a musical with the Tapestry Theatre at my old stomping grounds in Louisville.

The Center Stage Theatre Company is producing Scholastic Rock jr. and rehearsals begin for me on December 4th.

So much fun I can hardly stand it!

Jenny Hatch

Closing night photo with Andre, Margie, Me, Allison, and Kyle after the show!

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