I commented at 71 Toes, I wonder if Shawnee will publish my comment? #OUR #ChildTrafficking #QAnon

A comment that I wrote this morning on a popular mormon mom bloggers site:

Thanks for promoting the work of OUR Shawni!

For those of us who have been blogging about child trafficking for years, it is such a relief to see popular bloggers like you step up and help the cause.

The Clinton Foundation has been the hub for worldwide trafficking and the truth is finally starting to come out.

I have watched several activist friends have their lives destroyed and a few have been killed because they were so effectively spreading the word about who the evil ones in our society truly are.

For those of us who are sexual abuse survivors this is the cause that we are willing to sacrifice everything for.

I made a movie yesterday that is a mashup of two previous testimonials: https://youtu.be/UEzSvIdgQck

I pray that as the children are freed from sexual slavery an army of people will be prepared and ready to aid in their recovery. That is my main message to all survivors. I want to scream out to them…

You can heal! You can find love! You can be a parent… a good parent! You can live happy!

When a drug is sold, it can be sold once. When a child is sold, they can be sold 50 to 75 times a DAY, for YEARS!

Here is another movie: https://youtu.be/4CClGw7dlLg

Please don’t delete my comment because I mentioned popular politicians. I am so weary of being censored.

The truth must come out.

God Bless You!

Jenny Hatch

I am not sure if she will publish my comment as most of the mormon mom bloggers have blocked me for heckling them for not writing about more serious topics. But I hope she does, she has a ton of readers.

When I published Sherri Kanes first article on child trafficking back in 2010, I lost 90% of my 40,000 monthly readers, many of whom were progressive moms looking for good information on natural family living. Those gals have largely stayed away from my content for the past ten years. I hope and pray as the truth finally comes out that we can have a reconciliation of sorts.

Here is Sherri Kane’s excellent article:


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