Contact me @JennyHatch if you tried to buy the #QAnon Great Awakening book and were censored by Amazon in any way! #BookBurningAmazon

I will be compiling stories of Amazon Censorship of the QAnon Book on my You Tube channel and here on my blog over the next few weeks. If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please contact me below.

You may leave a typed comment in the form and I will create a meme from it, or if you are willing to be a guest on my podcast radio show, I would love to hear a short testimonial of what happened as you purchased the book.

Please include your name and phone number if you desire to be a guest on my show.

Finally, if you want to record your own short video testimonial, I will be compiling these into a movie. Email me the clip at or send me a You Tube link in the form below.

Purchasers are being denied the ability to leave both video and text reviews. I purchased the book this morning and tried three times to leave a review and was not allowed. I also uploaded a three minute video that was rejected by Amazon.

Let’s FLOOD the internet with PROOF of Amazons censorship! Use the hashtag #BookBurningAmazon on any social media efforts.


Jenny Hatch

PS I have never had a problem reviewing a book on Amazon.

I did leave a review on Donna Braziles book Hacks that Amazon refused to publish because I dedicated it to Seth Rich, but I have never before been denied the ability to write, even as an unverified purchaser.

My video was rejected by Amazon!

I shortened this movie down to three minutes and tried to load it on the QAnon Book Amazon page.

I would like to know why it was rejected and more importantly WHO rejected it. They did not even bother to email me to explain why it was rejected.


Amazon allowed me to post a review, but said it may take “several days” to be published.

I have been contacted through Twitter with a testimonial, so if you would like to participate in this campaign by tweeting out how your book purchase went, please tag me in the tweet and I will host it below…

3 Responses to “Contact me @JennyHatch if you tried to buy the #QAnon Great Awakening book and were censored by Amazon in any way! #BookBurningAmazon”
  1. Paul Matthews says:

    Jenny you do beautiful work…….
    Thanks Paul!


  2. John Bowler says:

    Jenny, I hit a glitch I’m attempt to email this comment to you awhile ago so I am resending. If this ends up as a duplicate, I apologise.

    Firstly, I currently reside in Ireland so I ordered my book through AmazonUK. I ordered it on Wednesday and have been notified it is do to be delivered on Monday. The entire process was as expected BUT I did not see an offer of a Kindle Edition, which I would have preferred.

    A personal Message: On this emotional roller-coaster that is the Q Anon movement, sometimes it all feels overwhelming and occasionally gets overwhelming but your videos are a ray of sunshine that never fail to put a smile on my face, if not an outright guffaw! Thank you SO much and God Bless You for all the work you do and all that you and your family have endured. From one warrior to another know that there are MANY of us out here have your back. WWG1WGA!

    Liked by 1 person

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