Clintons get “HOWIED” @JennyHatch @PGHowie2 “Bill, This is BORING!” #Pizzagate

Howie did it again!

I had the great honor of having Howard Caplan on my radio show last summer.


More HERE.

Jenny Hatch

2 Responses to “Clintons get “HOWIED” @JennyHatch @PGHowie2 “Bill, This is BORING!” #Pizzagate”
  1. Tami Gilson says:

    Hi Jenny, I’m a follower on Twitter as 7 GEN American & on YouTube. I tried to go to ur youtube channel tonight and it said your channel didn’t exist. I hope you are well and wanted to know if you maybe had another channel I would need to subscribe to. My husband and I always enjoyed your videos and wanted to ensure we support you. Again, Congratulations on your Son’s graduation. God Bless Jenny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenny Hatch says:

      Thanks Tami!

      I will be hosting all of my political videos here on my blog for the indefinite future.

      They will appear under the title Political Funnies of the Day.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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