The Intellectual Dark Web IDW is NOT a political movement, it is an intellectual one. @JennyHatch

Click HERE to read the whole article! A most excellent synopsis of this group to which I belong!

Jenny Hatch


The Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) has been badly misunderstood by thinkers on both the left and right of the political spectrum. Perhaps the problem is assuming that people who malign this group of classically liberal pundits are thinking, because in many ways, that’s exactly the opposite of what they’re doing.

Justin Charity, a political writer for The Ringer, recently wrote an attempted takedown of the IDW crowd. He posited that these guys like Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Claire Lehmann are always complaining about political correctness, restrictive speech rules on college campuses, cancel culture, wokeness, and wrongthink.

Charity writes:

The term ‘political correctness’ unites conservatives, libertarians, and vintage liberals in defense of various comedians, rappers, and columnists; and now ‘wrongthink’ unites conservatives and libertarians in defense of George Zimmerman and Alex Jones. ‘Wrongthinkers’ aren’t frustrated with liberals who have somehow failed to discover them, their biases, their anxieties, and their ideas; ‘wrongthinkers’ are frustrated with liberals who have declined to take their ideas and their style seriously in the first place.

Instead of reading the work put forth by IDW outlets like Quillette (for which I am a contributor), some leftists assume that, because the writers and journals don’t jump on board with progressive ideology, they must be alt-right. Meanwhile, conservatives know these IDW cats are not particularly conservative. So what are they? Those who classify themselves as part of this group would say, first and foremost, that they are critical thinkers, proponents of no ideology, beholden to no tribe.”

And finally…

“The Intellectual Dark Web is an attempt to think clearly, as objectively as possible, with an awareness of potential biases, in an upholding of modernist critical thinking. Those who fall within this group do not share political perspectives because it is not a political movement. IDW is an intellectual movement, where individual freedom is paramount, free speech is non-negotiable, and rational, critical thought is the only reasonable way to discern anything about either the natural world or the self. The IDW is not in service to an ideology, because it questions the basis of any and all ideologies.

That is what makes it a threat to progressivism. The alt-right reaps a benefit from the IDW merely because the IDW does not believe in free speech restriction. But the right should be aware that the compulsion to not censor speech does not equal advocacy of their views, but just an acknowledgement of their right to have them.”

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