#UberLyftStrike beginning tonight. I will be driving… @JennyHatch #Uber #Lyft #Scab


I plan to drive for both Uber and Lyft tomorrow during the strike.

I have been driving for Uber for 2 & 1/2 years, have driven 553 rides and have a 4.91 Driver Rating.

As an UberX driver I am what is known as a “hobbyist”, which means I drive part time and the money I earn is supplemental to our household income.

I am an actor and Uber fits perfectly into my life because when I am cast in a show I have very little free time. But when I am not performing I have hours available to work.

I use the time in my car when I do not have passengers to rehearse my music and when “deadheading” home from a long ride, I will sing along to whole scores of musical theatre.

I recently drove someone to Parker and was able to sing almost the whole Les Miserables show on my way home to Longmont. Living in an apartment it is difficult to belt my songs without upsetting my neighbors, so rehearsing while I drive is PERFECT!

I started driving for Lyft in February and have a 4.9 Driver rating.

I will not be participating in the Uber/Lyft strike because no one in the media has bothered to delineate why UberX drivers earn barely above minimum wage after expenses.

The reason why is because it is an entry level job.

Uber drivers have the ability to get a chauffeur’s license and drive for Uber Black and Uber Lux and earn way more money than those of us who are part time and do not want to bother with the licensing and elite services.

I also am not interested in driving late at night and behaving as an upscale Limo type driver as I interact with passengers.

I enjoy driving my early morning and late afternoon shifts that see me driving business people to the airport, students to and from school, the elderly to doctors appointments, and my personal favorite, the blind and disabled with their cute dogs in tow.

Nobody would ever expect to be hired as an entry level worker and then offered benefits, guaranteed salary, retirement and stock purchase plans (and someone to tuck them in at night and lullaby them to sleep).

Those of us who drive are not enfeebled idiots who need the socialists in our midst to protect us from the big bad capitalist company disrupting the taxi monopoly and putting that bloated toxic industry out of its misery.

I have driven a few passengers who had waited HOURS for a Taxi to show up, when they finally managed to download the app and give it a whirl. These customers were thrilled to be picked up a few minutes after requesting a ride after the frustration of a service that didn’t even bother to call them back after waiting for two hours.

If the Taxi industry wants to survive, they will have to adjust. It is the way we operate in America in a Free Market Economy.

I have earned $170.00 during one surge trip to the airport, a $60.00 tip after a lovely conversation with a business man heading out to DIA, and $800.00 for referring two new drivers. All unexpected bonus money that droped into my bank account after very little effort.

Few in the main stream media bother to really think through what they are yapping about when they write these Anti-Uber articles.

I am the equivalent of the homemaker who picks up a few hours at the local department store during the Christmas rush.

If ya’ll think it is important to take to the streets striking on my behalf, knock yourselves out. But you are the ones who look like total idiots on social media and in the news.

Jenny Hatch

Here is my twitter thread from today…

One Response to “#UberLyftStrike beginning tonight. I will be driving… @JennyHatch #Uber #Lyft #Scab”
  1. Mary Lee DeMedal says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this blog! Rock the free market! Thanks Jenny.

    Get Outlook for Android

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