Another great interview with the brilliant mind who crafted Titania McGrath. Bridget Phetasy interviews Andrew Doyle @JennyHatch

The most interesting part of the conversation for me was the difficulty these two leftist comedians had in understanding why white american men would feel the need for a men’s movement to help rebalance the culture.

After decades of being shut out of various situations simply because they are white males, is anyone surprised that the backlash to cultural marxist insanity “looks” and perhaps “sounds” potentially racist, even if it is not truly discriminatory?

People who joined the Tea Party (which was about economics) and those who call themselves proud boys are pushing back against the marxists who would like for nothing more than to feminize and collectivise every thought, word, and deed of our humanity. Race really does not factor into the nuts and bolts of these debates, although gender obviously does.

I have been in the inner circles of some of the most politically active conservatives since I worked on my first campaign when I was 16 in 1984.

I also am a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This religion I love has also been pegged as a racist body of worshippers by those who think they know what we believe and teach.

Yet in these many interactions with hundreds of religious and politically active conservatives the incidence of true racist behavior that I personally have observed can be distilled down to a couple of thoughtless comments and some hilarity around the posting of certain videos on You Tube. (hide ya kids, hide ya wife)

In our home we encouraged our five children to follow in the steps of our Savior Jesus Christ and to simply be kind. To everyone. And my husband and I have tried to be good examples of this as a model to our family and friends.

When my oldest child informed me her best school friend had two moms, I encouraged her to love and cherish her friend.

Yet as I have observed the hate dumped on minority friends who were rejected once they were baptized into my faith or heaven forbid, came out as conservatives, the level of disgust , verbal assault, and HATE shoved upon them and their children has been surreal.

We really need to get in the faces of the bullies attempting to censor all of us.

The feminists want the men in our society to go to work, pay the taxes that enable them to be married to government programs, and never, ever complain about their cucked status of not only providing for their own families, but also the households where no father is present.

I really appreciate the conversation Andrew and Bridget had during this podcast.

I totally agree with them that this generation of kids coming along are completely done with identity politics and the speech police.

It will be fun to see how it all shakes out.

Jenny Hatch

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