Core Issues – Socialism is DEAD in America @JennyHatch #QAnon

The debates currently raging in America are easily understood once you wrap your head around the idea that Marxism is not compatible with a Free Society.

It is a difficult time for those congresspeople who have blasted into government with collectivism on their minds and who are using minority status as cover for their agenda to socialize our economy.

Americans love to work. We want to contribute. And we love our heritage.

Observing the President deconstruct the tactics that have been so successful for Progressives in years past has been a wonder and a joy for me to observe.

He is smashing the hammer and sickle with every word out of his mouth and as the Socialists currently embedded in our state and national political houses are identified and purged from the body politic, I hope we can all step back and observe the miracle that is taking place.

This past week has been glorious.

Jenny Hatch

6 Responses to “Core Issues – Socialism is DEAD in America @JennyHatch #QAnon”
  1. Your grammar is atrocious and it’s weird you think that socialism is dead when membership numbers of socialist organizations are increasing exponentially.

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    • Jenny Hatch says:

      I got learned real gud James.

      And I is a intelligent 🤓 and well spoken blogging people who believes and knows you and yer Socialist pals are on the rong side o History.

      Jenny Hatch on Writing:

      PS If you are not a Socialist under thirty you have no heart and if you are not a Capitalist after thirty you have no brain.

      Kudos to you for not hiding behind an anonymous online identity and for attaching your name and face with your website.

      Keep digging into it and you will eventually sort it out in your own mind and please open up your heart to relationships with those people who have lived on the more extreme ends of the Socialist spectrum. The stories they have to share have been suppressed.

      I went to your blog James and read a few posts, poetry, and watched a bit of your films. Thankyou for caring enough to have a political opinion and being brave enough to share it. Best of luck to you!


  2. Yolanda Tenny says:

    It feels like Christmas Morning…I am Sooo Happy You are Back on the Front Lines Miss Jenny. Welcome Back…You were missed.

    Be Ready Shadow Government…We just Enforced our Q Army with a Giant returned back to the Battle…

    PS. I hope you are Feeling So Much Better than the last video you made before you disappeared…So relieved you are still here to Fight the Meme Wars…You are appreciated…Your videos Make a Big Difference. Nobody Does it like You.

    Let’s get ’em Gurl.

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    • Jenny Hatch says:

      Thanks Yolanda!

      I am struggling mightily with my health. I had a run to the ER last night with a breathing emergency.

      I will keep making movies as long as I am able to.

      Thanks for your kind words.



  3. Ron says:

    Wow…that’s a really great collage Jenny, very well put together, you are amazing!!! Great job Patriot…What a great show with front row seats, lol. Your doing a fantastic job!

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