Healing Update – A few Big Changes @JennyHatchq

This past month I obtained handicap designation for myself and my car around three chronic health issues. This step has been something I have put off for five years since being diagnosed with chronic hypoxia.

The most problematic has been my spine. I have scoliosis and it has gotten markedly worse over the past few years while working as a professional driver.

Here are some recent x-rays of my back:

I also suffer from a variety of emotional illnesses and always seem to be battling one thing or another around childhood trauma.

This interview, blog posts, and a few twitter tweets have lots of backstory to my many long term health challenges:

It has proven most helpful to get some new equipment for my oxygen supplementation and handicap designation for our car.

I am an Uber/Lyft Driver and having the proper tools in place to do my job well has felt incredibly empowering.

I also have been renting a wheelchair for certain situations to enable me to do more outside of my home.

I used it for the first time last month conducting a ninety minute stake choir practice and the chair was perfect!

I am also working with a new young chiropractor and am excited to see what we can do to increase my mobility over the next few years.

She put me on a mold protocol to help cleanse the tissues of my body using herbs and other supplements. We lived in a home in Cedar City Utah for three years that had a serious black mold problem and she believes the mold may have contributed to some serious infections I have suffered with these past few years.

Now I am wondering if the mold contributed to the untimely death of my dog Samwise Gandalf.

Samwise Gandalf Hatch Smiles

Lifelong anaphylactic allergies, asthma, and eczema are always lurking in the shadows and I cannot go anywhere without an epi pen, anti-histamines, and my inhaler.

I also have had several recent breathing emergencies that proved scary and sobering as we have tried to wrestle with how much I can do both inside and outside of our home. I am also learning the limitations of my battery powered oxygen concentrator.

I have been back on 24 hr a day oxygen supplementation for months since a setback a few months ago.

That being said, I am planning to audition for a few theatrical companies this year and hope to spend some quality time making music and performing onstage even if I am on oxygen in a wheelchair.

In the spirit of using music to heal, I started a new playlist on my YT channel to share my songs. Memorizing these lyrics and new arrangements will be a fun fall project.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you have a great day!!!

Jenny Hatch

PS – I was given a new handicap license plate by the state of Colorado and spent a few extra dollars to choose my own letters and numbers.

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