Resources: Ritual Abuse & Mind Control

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft shared this post on her Twitter feed recently and I read it for the first time this morning. Over the past few days I have been connecting with a friend who is very aware of my physical symptoms but did not know any details about my abuse history.

I wrote this to her in a text after she shared with me an article that could help explain the infection on my face that recently erupted.

“Dear S,

Here is an article that briefly outlines what I am healing:

I am sharing simply so you can see a bit of what I am healing.

I appreciated reading the article yesterday and it rang true a bit, especially since I recently was hospitalized with a breathing emergency and they prescribed me an antibiotic.

Could my face rash be from antibiotics?


But I believe the medical world gets lost in needing a physical explanation to explain symptoms.

You are the first friend who I have shared that link with.

My mother dismissed my memories as False years ago.

It is dark stuff, I believe Gadiaton Robber type evil regarding programming and controling people.

In 2011 I experienced a profound suicidal depression. I was hospitalized in 2012 at a mental institution and realized that I had been PROGRAMMED to kill myself if I ever got close to healing.


For these past seven years I have remembered so much of what happened to me.

But I can barely talk to Paul about it, we have had no money for therapists, and many of them are not trained to help this type of trauma.

My healing has come from connecting with other survivors on the internet.

God Bless Them ALL for their bravery.

I so appreciate you wanting to help me. Heavenly Father just keeps telling me to be patient and let my body process all of the darkness.

I feel like it is close to being fully reconciled.

Thanks again for your friendship.

It is so meaningful to me.

Love, Jenny”

Thank you Sarah, for saying brave things!

May God bless all of us who grew up in Oakland County Michigan during the past fifty years.

Here is the LINK to the PODCAST RADIO SHOW I did with Barbara Hartwell that tells not only her story of breaking free from MKUltra Programming but also contains some of my back story around the blowback that hit me and my family once I started yelling.

Say Brave Things

Ritual Abuse is a form of Trauma Based Mind Control. Trauma Based Mind Control is at the center of MKUltra. It is used to induce Tertiary Structural Dissociation in a child victim, which is the most severe form of Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is NOT multiple personality disorder or anxiety or bipolar disorder ADHD schizophrenia addiction or any other lie/misdiagnosis victims of #RitualAbuse receive to cover crimes. It is a mental INJURY, not an illness. It is the most severe form of PTSD.

In some cases, dissociation can occur spontaneously/organically in response to severe trauma, something many veterans and disaster survivors may understand. However, Tertiary Structural Dissociation is not organic but deliberate, organized, & created for the sole purpose of being used by others to CONTROL the victim throughout that person’s lifetime.

Tertiary Structural Dissociation is only ever the result of ONGOING, CHRONIC, SEVERE, TORTUROUS sexual, mental, physical, spiritual, and…

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