Breaking news… George Pell seeking appeal.

I have been reading Fionas book off and on all day and this quote just popped out at me.

All of my books on healing have been written to help heal naturally without psychiatric medications.

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My first book A Mothers Journey, details the post partum psychosis that developed a few weeks after the birth of my first child when I was 21.

Fiona has correctly claimed that a psychotic event is evidence of the subconscious mind attempting to break through to the concious brain.

A Psychotic break is also evidence of extreme trauma before the age of eight and could indicate childhood ritual and sexual abuse.

Jenny Hatch

Fiona Barnett

The secrecy surrounding the court case – and now the verdict – is offensive. That’s especially so because it echoes the secrecy that has always been so appallingly a part of widespread sexual abuse by priests.  – Washington Post


During the past few days, the mainstream media have revealed that the Australian government covered up the conviction of Cardinal GEORGE PELL for two historical counts of pedophilia. That’s not all. The first attempt to convict him resulted in a hung jury. That was not reported either. Then a judge banned police prosecutors from using crucial evidence that Pell sexually assaulted two boys in a school swimming pool in the 1970s, which forced the DPP to drop the charges. Further, the Victorian police have refused to take witness statements from other George Pell victims including Dean Henry.

Victims of organised child sex trafficking and ritual…

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