Witless Wormtongue Brennan @JennyHatch #QAnon

Those who are brave enough to wear it publicly are constantly at risk of being attacked. When this fear subsides in the USA we will know that Free Speech is back.‬

Jenny Hatch

I have engaged on Facebook with some ladies around the issue of homelessness.

I have a tendency to fight fire with fire on the web. So when someone shouts at me I shout back. Progressive women are so in the habit of shutting down conservatives with their dizzying intellect that they always seem surprised when I punch back.

Here was my final comment in the thread.

Holly Welker

Sooner than later you and everyone will be compelled by facts and reality that President Trump has done more than anyone currently residing on planet earth to eradicate slavery and child trafficking.

If he had not been elected nothing would have changed.

Keith Raniere would still be torturing women, Jeffrey Epstein would still be trafficking kids, John and Tony Podesta would still be raping and eating kids, and the Clinton foundation, which revolves around human trafficking, would have had banner years in 2016-2019.

You can take your dismissal of me and shove it right back up your ass.

Last night the western world hit peak leftism.

It is ALL downhill from here and you progressive broads will be compelled by circumstances beyond your control to wake the fuck up.