My comment at the New York Times @JennyHatch

My comment at the New York Times @JennyHatch

Jenny Hatch | Colorado – My comment on this article is below.

I feel so sad for these people. I have been on Oxygen for years and when Covid-19 hit, quarantined away from my Uber job to protect my lungs.

Although not deathly ill these past six months, I have had these same chronic symptoms and have wondered if I somehow caught the virus.

My long term symptoms of hypoxia and asthma jacked up a notch and the fatigue and dizzyness has been so bad I wonder if I will ever work again. Bless everyone who is suffering. You are all in my heart.

My Inogen oxygen concentrator ( is my lifeline and has kept me saturated in the high 90’s throughout the pandemic. I can barely go off oxygen to brush my teeth without getting faint.

I do not mean to be an infomercial for that company, but after being on the refill tanks for a couple years, my portable concentrator gave me my life back.

Good Luck to everyone.

Jenny Hatch

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