A Deep Dive on Jane Austens Persuasion @JennyHatch

A Deep Dive on Jane Austens Persuasion @JennyHatch

I have been doing a deep dive on Jane Austens Persuasion!

I checked the audiobook out of my local library and started listening the other day.

Although I have watched both versions of the movie adaptations, it has been years since I tuned in.

So I would listen for an hour and then watch a twenty minute portion of the movie and have thoroughly enjoyed comparing and contrasting the different casts.

My favorite character is Anns sister Mary. She is a delightfully selfish naval gazer who cannot understand her own children. I believe Austen spoofed the aristocracy delightfully in this book and as an actor, sister Mary would definitely be the role I could do a deep dive into.

All of us bloggers are narcissistic if you didn’t know. I believe this is the funniest of Austens novel.

She whacks everybody good and hard and then takes a deep breath and does it again. It would be so fun to see what type of a blogger she would be today.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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