Dr. Amy, the Skeptical OB, believes Childbirth, like War, is hell. (Except when it’s orgasmic) @JennyHatch Commentary

Every few months I pop over to Dr. Amy’s site to see what she is yapping about. She wrote a hum dinger of a post on childbirth being like war…and as we all know, WAR IS HELL!!! I would add to her statement, Childbirth is hell, except when it’s not, especially when it is orgasmic, … Continue reading

Book Review – PUSH BACK by Dr. Amy – A few thoughts from Birth Activist Jenny Hatch PhD MH

Dr Amy’s book Push Back was published this past week and I spent the money and wasted a couple hours wading through her blatherings these past few days. She (and the 23 guys who play her on the internet) published a trailer for her book: Be Your Own Kind of Guilt-Free Mother & Parent | … Continue reading

Dr. Amy, paging Dr. Amy!

So MANA published its homebirth study yesterday and a certain blogging Doc went about as nuts as anyone in our community would ever expect her to go. I left a love note and an invitation for her to be on my radio show HERE on this mornings blog post: “Hey Dr. Amy! You have never … Continue reading

Roundup of Posts about The Skeptical OB, Dr. Amy Tuteur MD, on Jenny Hatchs Blog

Every day a search engine sends me people who are looking for more information about a blogging doctor who has run a wholesale campaign against families who choose to give birth holistically. Sometimes I get one or two hits and some days it is fifteen or twenty, but every day, a few people come sniffing … Continue reading

Dr. Amy in complete denial about the Sexuality of Childbirth

Orgasmic Childbirth on 20/20 From this rant on her blog, I think we can safely say “she” (and the ten twelve guys who play her on the web) has lost her marbles. Orgasmic birth and other fairy tales Amy, Paging Dr. Amy… in the comment section to this post you claim: “It’s not rare. It’s fabricated. … Continue reading

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