Dr. Amy, the Skeptical OB, believes Childbirth, like War, is hell. (Except when it’s orgasmic) @JennyHatch Commentary

Every few months I pop over to Dr. Amy’s site to see what she is yapping about. She wrote a hum dinger of a post on childbirth being like war…and as we all know, WAR IS HELL!!! I would add to her statement, Childbirth is hell, except when it’s not, especially when it is orgasmic, … Continue reading

Book Review – PUSH BACK by Dr. Amy – A few thoughts from Birth Activist Jenny Hatch PhD MH

Dr Amy’s book Push Back was published this past week and I spent the money and wasted a couple hours wading through her blatherings these past few days. She (and the 23 guys who play her on the internet) published a trailer for her book: Be Your Own Kind of Guilt-Free Mother & Parent | … Continue reading

Dr. Amy, paging Dr. Amy!

So MANA published its homebirth study yesterday and a certain blogging Doc went about as nuts as anyone in our community would ever expect her to go. I left a love note and an invitation for her to be on my radio show HERE on this mornings blog post: “Hey Dr. Amy! You have never … Continue reading

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