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Emerald on Election Intimidation

The U.S. Government & The Third-Party Vendor Are One

A lawsuit in Colorado alleges that a private company currently trying to chill free speech in America is actually the government itself.

The “lawfare” letters sent out to these 150 people were merely one part of a much larger campaign to stop anyone from criticizing the results of the 2020 election:

Public debates, audits, and/or investigations of the 2020 General Election are currently being conducted or contemplated by state legislators in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and other states to ascertain the scale of vulnerabilities and whether they were exploited. By widely publicizing its intimidation campaign, OVS and its co-conspirators seek to intimidate and silence not just Plaintiffs and the Class, but also the public at large from exercising their right to speak and to share their own testimonial evidence relevant to proceedings investigating election fraud in the November 2020 election.

Does this sound like the behavior of a third-party vendor to you? Have you ever heard of a private company waging war against the free speech of its customers? Of course not.

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More truth bombs from Taibbi

Yes, Virginia, There is a Deep State


“If you don’t think modern America is funny, you must not have a sense of humor:

Tonight on MSNBC: debunking ‘deep state’ talking points, the new book that debunks Trump’s deep state conspiracy, and Trump’s bizarre new deep state conspiracy theory. For more, let’s go to our in-house national security analysts John Brennan, Clint Watts, Frank Figliuzzi, and Jeremy Bash…

An even funnier symbol of the media reversal on intelligence involves the onetime Pentagon Papers publisher, the Washington Post, which of course is now owned by one of the CIA’s biggest contractors. The Post recently held an “Are you an insane conspiracy theorist?”-type quiz that flatly graded you incorrect if you thought a “deep state” that “operates in secrecy and without oversight” existed: 

…During the Trump years you could wake up on any given day and see the former head of the CIA’s drone program or the architect of the NSA surveillance program — literally those people — reading the news on commercial television about anything from the pee tape to the Ukrainegate impeachment (started by anonymous intel officials) to the letter signed by 50 of the country’s leading spooksdenouncing (falsely, we now know) the Hunter Biden laptop tale as having the “classic earmarks of a Russian disinformation operation.”

The overtness of the intelligence community’s interference in domestic politics, combined with its astonishing record of unpunished, systematic lying to everyone — congress, judges, the United Nations, the International Court in the Hague, and especially the American public via the media — is driving people to real insanity. As podcaster Darrell Cooper put it earlier this year, in an essayattempting to explain the thought process underlying “Stop the Steal”:

Many Trump supporters don’t know for certain whether ballots were faked in November 2020, but they know with apodictic certainty that the press, the FBI, and even the courts would lie to them if they were.

Read the whole thing…Matt is on a roll right now.

Jenny Marie Hatch

The Federalist interviews President Trump

Molly Hemmingway interviewed the President for a new book she is writing about the 2020 election.

I peppered Trump about why he had enabled Anthony Fauci, who relished his role in advocating lockdowns and other authoritarian responses to the COVID pandemic. Trump defended him in part, as did so many others I spoke with in the Trump administration. But Trump conceded Fauci had faults.

“Well, who knew that he knew so little? Anthony Fauci is a good promoter—he’s a great promoter. He is a better baseball pitcher than he is predicting what to do with people’s health,” Trump said, needling him about the wild first pitch he threw at a Major League Baseball game during his 2020 publicity tour.

I asked Trump at a later interview whether he ever got suspicious about what was by that point acknowledged to be a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Trump had been excoriated by the press for suggesting COVID-19 had leaked from the lab, disagreeing with the cover story from China and the World Health Organization that it had been initially spread via a nearby wet market. A year later, many in corporate media begrudgingly acknowledged his suggestion was accurate.

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Censored by Aaron Rupar on Substack

Aaron gets the prize for the fastest banning. Less than 24 hours.

I just crafted a quick podcast to explain and the complete conversation is screengrabbed after the break for your reading pleasure.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Clint Watts censored me on Substack too. HERE is the proof.

And here is the blog post I linked to on Aarons Substack.

Democrats rest case in Impeachment trial @JennyHatch #VoterFraud

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