Dem response #DemResponse to Speech


Both Chris Wallace & Van Jones forced to admit tht there is no longer ANY denying tht Donald Trump is President !!#JointAddress #DemResponse — STOCK MONSTER (@StockMonsterUSA) March 1, 2017 Nancy Pelosi refuses to applaud American job creation. A truly sick individual. #JointAddress #DemResponse — John Preston (@johnprestonX) March 1, 2017 Wow….nice job … Continue reading

John Podesta BUSTED! Caught Spewing Endless LIES About #Pizzagate – Torture VIDEO with Skippy Voice comparisons embedded in post!


John Podesta BUSTED! Caught Spewing Endless LIES About #PizzagateSGTreport VIDEO EXPOSE' @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) February 28, 2017 This powerful interview contains breaking news about John Podesta’s lies about the investigation known as Pizzagate. We also dissect the highly suspicious development that actor Ashton Kutcher is partnering with the DHS to expose and … Continue reading

#Milo deconstructed by Stefan Molyneux


I endorse Stefans analysis as the best I have read or watched so far to depict what has happened around Milos story… Jenny Hatch Milo Yiannopoulos stood tall for free speech, and against the puritanical language fascism of political correctness. As a good-looking, ridiculously articulate gay man, he could have found a comfortable place to … Continue reading

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