Shake it up Hillary @JennyHatch

This movie is dedicated to all of the many Investigative journalists who attempted a Woodward and Bernstein Style takedown of President Trump. Look yourselves in the mirror, and ask, “Was it worth it?” Good Question. Jenny Hatch

The House Intelligence Committee is shutting down its contentious investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election @JennyHatch

I sorta not really feel sorry for all the reporters who were trying to play Woodward and Bernstein over the past couple years. To lose all credibility with the American People attempting to take a legally elected President down must hurt. @jennyhatch68 A post shared by Jenny Hatch (@jennyhatch68) on Mar 12, 2018 at 7:10pm … Continue reading

David Hogg and his Nazi arm band @JennyHatch

David Hogg and his Nazi arm band — Truth (@majorsnacks) March 12, 2018 Davids parents need to teach him respect for his elders. When the POTUS calls basic decency would compel one to answer the call. I suppose David’s handlers encouraged him to reject President Trumps gesture thinking it would make him seem hip and … Continue reading

Sometimes the speech you don’t give speaks more! @JennyHatch Includes FULL Tommy Robinson interview!

UPDATE: 22 year-old Canadian journalist @Lauren_Southern, detained at the UK border, is apparently considered a bigger threat to the UK than returning ISIS soldiers and 25,000 freely roaming potential Islamic terrorists. Any comment, @AmberRuddHR? #FreeLaurenSouthern — Operation Thunder (@GallowsHymn) March 12, 2018 Jailed Because She’s Conservative=> Canadian YouTuber and Activist Lauren Southern Denied Entry, … Continue reading

The RALLIES are Back! Trump in Pennsylvania COMPLETE VIDEO @JennyHatch

I really enjoyed watching this rally last night! Pop a big bowl of popcorn, gather grandma and the kids around and watch President Trump manage the presstitutes (Pharma Whores) with all the gentleness they deserve… Jenny Hatch Full video: Trump rallies for Saccone in final days before Pennsylvania … — 🌸 Jenny Hatch … Continue reading

Totalitarian Deep State does NOT like those who promote FREEDOM @JennyHatch

I have started embedding my videos here at the blog as well as posting them on Vimeo, just in case someone gets itchy fingers and pulls my You Tube Account. Jenny Hatch Totalitarian Deep State does NOT like those who promote FREEDOM @JennyHatch — 🌸 Jenny Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) March 10, 2018 Totalitarian … Continue reading

Barack and Michelle Obama, a match made in the Central Intelligence Agency @JennyHatch

Belowbis the radio show I did with Larry Sinclair. The final fifteen minutes are particularly compelling. Jenny Hatch Larry Sinclair shares with Citizen Journalist Jenny Hatch what happened when he decided to go public with Barack Obamas Drug Abuse as an Illinois State Senator… — 🌸 Jenny Hatch 🌸 (@JennyHatch) March 10, 2018 … Continue reading

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