Bill Clinton blurts the TRUTH about Obamacare


Bill Says: — Deplorable Jenny (@JennyHatch) October 5, 2016 Like always, Sundance has the best analysis. Still chuckling to myself every time I think about it… Jenny Hatch @realDonaldTrump Bill BLURTS out the TRUTH #Obamacare — Deplorable Jenny (@JennyHatch) October 5, 2016 .@ABC ignored Bill Clinton's criticism of failing #ObamaCare, while @CBSNews and … Continue reading

#Vaxxed The Documentary about the #CDCWhistleblower


   UPDATE – April 3rd, 2016 The reviews of the Vaxxed Documentary are starting to be published. I am not going to share the negative ones because they are everywhere. Here are a few independent reviews. Here. Here. Here.                   Uncensored footage from Angelika Theater’s opening day premiere Q&A featuring Dr. Andrew … Continue reading

Jenny Hatch Radio Show – Best Interviews of the year! #CDCWhistleblower


A few of my favorite interviews from this past year… Leonard Horowitz on The Jenny Hatch Radio show Spreaker: ITunes: — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) November 20, 2015 Putu a Liberian Health Activist, Jenny Hatch Radio Spreaker: Itunes: — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) November 20, 2015 #CDCwhistleblower Most Neglected … Continue reading

#CDCTruth – First VIDEOS from the Rally at the Center for Disease Control are now on You Tube


#CDCTruth First videos are showing up on You Tube now: Bobby Kennedy Jr. starts at exactly one hour into this Vid! — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) October 27, 2015 #cdctruth — Kelly Fincher (@healthyown) October 26, 2015 I have been watching for these videos all weekend. The first are being published on You Tube now! … Continue reading

#CDCTruth March on the Center for Disease Control this week!


Government started the war. We now must finish it. #cdcTruth #cdcRally RT Rally intro Folmar via @YouTube — Marcella Piper-Terry (@MarcellaPiperTe) October 20, 2015 The march in Atlanta is this week! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. #CDCrally #CDCtruth #HearThisWell #NotGoingAway #MillionManMarch #CDCwhistleblower — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) October 21, 2015 We know there are children more … Continue reading

If All Else Fails, Do Not Announce That You’re Depressed


Originally posted on The Bitter Pill:
Trigger warning! This post is full of angry rants from yours truly. I’m really getting fed up with reading the same tragic stories every day and knowing how preventable they are. It talks about babies dying and CPS and PPD and police so if you aren’t in the mood,…

Million Man March happening NOW!

I have been watching footage of the Million Man March on the Internet and wanted to share a few Tweets. More analysis of the march on Vax Truth by my friend Marcella HERE. Jenny Hatch    #JusitceOrElse — Kenya Muhammad (@PeliKEN_Fly) October 10, 2015 #CDCWhistleblower @JusticeOrElse @lsarsour @Blackinformant @jamalhbryant it is not only Dr. … Continue reading

“Justice or Else” Million Man March on Washington on October 10th, 2015 #BlackLivesMatter


   I support my Nation of Islam Brothers in their mission to stop the genocide against little boy babies with Vaccines.     Everyone needs to understand that all of these calls for the arrest of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are simply because of his willingness to stand up for the truth and demand that … Continue reading

TWITTER STORM TONIGHT! 6:00 PM #VAXWhistleblower #GarbageCan #CDCWhistleblower


Come join activists on Twitter to shine the light on the media neglecting to cover the #CDCWhistleblower story.                       

#CDCWhistleblower Story Update


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a Meme is worth a million… Congressman Posey-#CDCwhistleblower discloses deception A 5 minute BOOM on the floor of The House of Representatives — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 11, 2015 Congressman Posey gave a 5 minute earth shattering speech that has been completely ignored by the … Continue reading

#Obamacare A few thoughts from Health Freedom Blogger Jenny Hatch and my favorite tweets from today…


A timely reminder: #Grubergate #Obamacare — Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) June 25, 2015 I really wanted something better for my kids and grandkids than indentured servitude to the feds to pay for other peoples abortions, sex change surgeries, and assisted suicides. Jenny Hatch   A Free Market Health Care System: @JennyHatch talking about Obamacare … Continue reading

Doctor Toni Bark at the #SB277 Rally – We are just getting started! #CDCWhistleblower


Here is Dr. Barks speech, it was epic and provided a great crowd shot: Dr.Toni Bark speech at the #SB277 #CDCwhistleblower #cdcfraud A most excellent speech. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! — Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) June 13, 2015 And a few more tweets from today on hashtag #SB277 Wish we could send thank you … Continue reading

Leonard Horowitz VIDEO AFFIDAVIT #SB277


Dr. Leonard Horowitz continues to be bullied in every possible way for speaking the truth about Vaccines. @LouisFarrakhan Leonard Horowitz VIDEO AFFIDAVIT Dr. horowitz continues to be harassed in every possible way #SB277 — Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) June 13, 2015

In Vermont, the writing is on the wall… Obamacare has not only killed single payer, it has ruined American Healthcare for Good

Repeal Obamacare

Bummer. Who knew a thing like this could hapen? I mean, it’s not like millions of Americans took to the streets the past six years to holler that this very thing would happen…or did they? Actually, they did. We did. I did. From Hot Air – NYT: In Vermont, ObamaCare flopped so bad it killed … Continue reading

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

Vaccine Package Insert Meme

Sherry Tenpenny on Vaccines and her education as a doctor @JennyHatch #CDCWhistleblower — Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) June 5, 2015 Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has spent many hours studying the effects of vaccines. The list of side effects is long, and that’s just for one vaccine she mentions here! Find out what she found and what potential dangers … Continue reading

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