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It could change

I was thrilled to get an email from Twitter yesterday announcing they had restored my account and warning me about copyright issues. I will now go back to organizing my blog content around tweets, which is my favorite way to create content because it is so FAST.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Recent shows on the new Callin app are calling into question all of the lockdowns and mandates.

The most exciting new show is Unredacted

I started an aftershow chat that will occur every Tuesday after the Redacted show.

Click on the image to listen!

Canadian Stillbirths and Peter Navarros new book In Trump Time

A clip from my interview with Dr. Len Horowitz. The whole show is below.
Click to listen to my Dec 2020 interview

I read the first three chapters of Navarros book and have to share a few clips. But first here is a recent report on Stillbirths in Canada.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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