Dr. Duke Pesta #StopCommonCore on Kate Dalley RADIO SHOW


   Dr. Duke Pesta #StopCommonCore on Kate Dalley RADIO SHOW  I listed to both hours of this excellent interview today! This is must listen Radio. Jenny Hatch Dr. Duke Pesta deconstructs Common Core part 1 @JennyHatch #StopCommonCore MUST LISTEN RADIO SHOW http://t.co/2cPZFN2FfW — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) October 16, 2015 Dr. Duke Pesta #StopCommonCore on … Continue reading

State Office of Education Operating Database to Track Individuals Without Authority

Originally posted on COMMON CORE:
The following letter is reposted with permission from Libertas Institute, a Utah-based conservative think-tank.  It was given to members of the Utah legislature two weeks ago. It concerns the State Longitudinal Database System (SLDS) which was implemented in Utah –and in every state, thanks to federal bribery– just a few years…

Dr. Gary Thompson on The Kate Dalley Radio Show


   I listened to both hours of this excellent interview today.  Topics covered include the psychological impact of Common Core on the students of the state of Utah.    Dr. Thompson also covered the perfect storm currently brewing in our state because of over reliance on medications for psychological disorders, our high suicidality rate, and … Continue reading

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