Newest Columnist at WaPo – John Podesta – New #Pizzagate VIDEOS


John Podesta BUSTED! Caught Spewing Endless LIES About #Pizzagate via @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) February 24, 2017 John Podesta Gets Washington Post Column! #BoycottWashingtonPost #pizzagate #parenting #gop #dems — Stephanie Gilley (@StephieGilley) February 24, 2017 John Podesta Gets Washington Post Column!  President Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting 2/23/17 #pizzagate #pedocrats via … Continue reading

President Trump – We’re going to end child, human trafficking – #Pizzagate


President Trump, all but says Thanks to PizzaGate investigators and leakers  “We hear Your Pleas” and “we’re going to end child, human trafficking” Words cannot express my enthusiasm for this meeting. We have to save the children. Jenny Hatch President Trump,All but says Thanks to PizzaGate investigators,Leakers "We hear Your Pleas" and we're going to … Continue reading

#nothinghappeninginsweden , except this…

UPDATE: Feb. 22nd, 2017 Newsbusters Nets ignore violent immigrant riot in Sweden after mocking Trump Original Post The Swedish and American media have not reported these crime statistics. President Trump watched this interview by Tucker Carlson on Fox and mentioned it at the Florida Rally. Tucker Carlson Interviews Ami Horowitz, Director of Sweden and Refugee … Continue reading

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