Independence Day @JennyHatch Happy 14th Birthday Natural Family BLOG! #MAGA

I started this Blog exactly 14 years ago today! Thanks for stopping by! Jenny Hatch PS A few notable posts… Introduction My Dissertation on Motherhood A Mormon Mommy Blogger Responds to Harold Bloom Three Ways to “Go Galt” Family Birth – Videos, Interviews, Books, Articles, Vlogs, Podcasts and more on Unassisted Childbirth — 🌸 … Continue reading

“Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!” Click to read…

Here is the link to my Dissertation on Motherhood. As a PhD Mommy in the Hood, this post was my attempt to help at home Moms quantify and settle in their hearts the choice to live uncredentialed by those who scorn our life choices as full time Home Makers. As a confirmed ANTI-Feminist, this treatise … Continue reading

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