Betsy DeVos is Trumps pick for Education Secretary – I think she will be GREAT!


So excited a charter school choice activist and fellow Michigander will be in President-Elect Trumps cabinet! I believe she will be a perfect fit for the job! Jenny Hatch JUST IN: Trump offers Betsy DeVos job of Education secretary — The Hill (@thehill) November 23, 2016 Michigan's Charter school reformer Betsy DeVos, also biz … Continue reading

I am in Colorado, so I already voted for #Trump


#2016ElectionIn3Words Everybody vs. Trump 🇺🇸#ElectionFinalThoughts — Vote Trump Pics (@VoteTrumpPics) November 7, 2016 #ElectionFinalThoughts Early voter for Trump in Colorado @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie (@JennyHatch) November 7, 2016 I tend to see things pretty much black and white, very little grey when it comes to freedom. I endorsed Donald Trump early and as … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Ben


Tonight at midnight Ben turns 14! To celebrate his birth with my readers here is a FREE download of my book A Lotus Birth, which is the book I wrote during Ben’s Pregnancy on Leilah McCrackens Birthlove website. The book retails on Amazon for $12.99. Please enjoy this journal crafted from my heart during the … Continue reading

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