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Defending the seemingly indefensible

I wrote quite a few comments on this blog post back in the day…

I have had many of these types of conversations on the internet since I started participating in chat rooms, blogs, and comment sections of articles and posts critical of Family Birth. For twenty five long years, since 1996, I have played the roll of the Freebirth pit bull defending parents with my words.

Now that hospitals in America are shutting down maternity care for lack of staff and being over run with sick patients, I hope the average person can begin to understand why some of us were so motivated to birth our children alone.

At least for me, doing my own prenatal care and giving birth with only my husband attending has been a powerful psychological preparation for whatever is around the corner.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Meal Planning

One of my favorite things these days, now that we are empty nesters, is observing my children in their kitchens. Three are married and one has two small children.

It has been so gratifying watching them cook with whole foods!

Paul and I spent so many years training them in kitchen skills that it has been joyful to see them all baking and meal planning.

Here are a few blasts from the past illustrating what we did.




and HERE

A few quotes are below:

Holiday Cooking with Children

Last thanksgiving I was dreading having the children home for ten days of vacation from school. Why? I don’t know, it probably had something to do with feeling the need to “entertain” them and keep them busy. But one day before school let up for the holiday I had an idea.

Let the kids cook during the holiday!

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