Feminism is DEAD!


@KassyDillon Thankyou for capturing the moment Feminism and SJW Leftism DIED! America owes you Kassy! #Trigglypuff https://t.co/cffd26KhwT — Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) May 3, 2016 UPDATE: Cora is accepting zero responsibility for her outlandish behavior and is pursuing legal action against the woman who filmed her at the U Mass event. This report outlines the steps … Continue reading

An open letter to the parents of America #StopESEA


  Dear parents, A few of us Education Activists have been yelling for the past couple years about Common Core. On Tuesday Congress is going to vote on an Education Bill, the ESEA (The Elementary and Secondary Education Act) that according to Utah Senator Mike Lee in a speech delivered on the Senate floor on Nov. 18th, will … Continue reading

Look Who’s Making #STOPESEA Videos


Originally posted on COMMON CORE:
#STOPESEA VIDEOS – More will be added as they are made. If you have made, or are willing to make, a #STOPESEA video, please post a link to it in the comments section below so I can repost it, or you can post it to the YouTube playlist linked here with the…

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