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If Only… @JennyHatch

If only there had been a warning to the public and legislators…

Oak Norton

Amen my brotha.

If only a loud obnoxious group of parents and professionals had yelled with everything they had for a couple of years.

Forgoing time with precious children and friends so they could type and blog and podcast and storm the castles of government in America.

If only…

My book on the whole mess:

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Thanks for everything you did/do Oak Norton, perhaps this sinking ship will be recreated by the time our grandchildren are in school.

God Bless you for all of your wonderful sacrifices.

Jenny Hatch

Common Core Curriculums STILL messing with Americas Children in every conceivable way @JennyHatch #CommonCoreFail

I told you so!

I believe my education activism was one of the main reasons I was shadowbanned from social media years before other political activists.

I pray that we can quickly recover from the Common Core MESS and create innovative educational environments for our children.

They deserve nothing less than our best efforts.


I wish there had been a group of parents yelling about this on the internet.

Producing podcasts:


Writing Books


“The results are, frankly, devastating,” said U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in a statement about the 2019 NAEP results. “This country is in a student achievement crisis, and over the past decade it has continued to worsen, especially for our most vulnerable students. Two out of three of our nation’s children aren’t proficient readers. In fact, fourth grade reading declined in 17 states and eighth grade reading declined in 31.”

How would it have been if somebody, somewhere had opened their mouths to speak the truth about this boondoggle?


Jenny Hatch